News and Events

  • Russian and Ukrainian Project for Electrification of Fuelling Stations

    Russian company Melston Engineering and Ukrainian company E-Line signed a reciprocal convention on the electric fuelling infrastructure development within the territory of the Russian Federation.

  • Our project's been named the best

    Melston’s project of Automation Management System won the nomination “The most interesting for CIOs project” in “The Best IT-solutions of 2016” contest.

  • New Year's marathon

    How to celebrate the New Year within the circle of company workers so that everything would go interesting and with no boredom? The answer is simple: the better way is to turn the corporate event into the family party.

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Stop Corruption!

Melston Engineering understands that today, in the conditions of the Russian market, the corrup-tion, bribery and «kickbacks» are often used as a quite effective tool to lobby someone’s interests. However, use of the principle of incidental gains as a sound business tool is becoming a vicious practice and prevents implementation of any ef-fective projects and development of long-term partnership. Besides, this practice is disadvanta-geous in terms of economy: even a huge bribe to a state officer or to other persons interested does not always guarantee the desired result.

Melston Engineering is maintaining the following position with respect to such methods: we do not support corruption, we do not participate in mon-ey laundering, we do not use «black schemes» in our work, we do not take or offer bribes, and we do not spend project funds of our customers for bribes. This position is guaranteed to save at least 10% of the budget, and enables to implement in-teresting projects with high reliability and quality and provide the conditions as required for serious and long-term cooperation with our clients.