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26 December 2016

New Year's marathon

How to celebrate the New Year within the circle of company workers so that everything would go interesting and with no boredom? The answer is simple: the better way is to turn the corporate event into the family party.

That’s why the New Year Celebration in Melston took 2 days, turning into the sort of New Year Marathon. The event began on Sunday in Syargy village on the territory of Okhta-Park ski resort where the Melston’s employees came along with their families. After non-durable admiring with spring – it cannot be called in other words – nature, the guests participated the impromptu football tournament. Such a non-winter format was chosen because today’s weather suits football more than skiing or skating.  On the other hand the girls were practicing in shooting at the tyre.

The barbecue and salads as well as the beverage-companion of every real New Year mulled wine were waiting for guests after their serious sports workout.

The celebration was going on and the next day on Monday, the central office of Melston became a field for the New Year show, organized for employees’ children. Having welcomed the kids Ded Moroz and Baba Yaga – the сharacters of Russian fairytales were holding the competition after which they led the children round the office. As a result, the children found out where their parents work. We hope that in 15-20 years some of those children will enter Melston as a young specialist.

The feast finished up with the sweet table the highlight of which became an incredibly delicious large New Year cake.

It should be noted that the main goal of the event was achieved. Both children and adults were able to feel themselves as a very important part of the large Melston’s family. And it means a lot!