News and Events

  • Russian and Ukrainian Project for Electrification of Fuelling Stations

    Russian company Melston Engineering and Ukrainian company E-Line signed a reciprocal convention on the electric fuelling infrastructure development within the territory of the Russian Federation.

  • Our project's been named the best

    Melston’s project of Automation Management System won the nomination “The most interesting for CIOs project” in “The Best IT-solutions of 2016” contest.

  • New Year's marathon

    How to celebrate the New Year within the circle of company workers so that everything would go interesting and with no boredom? The answer is simple: the better way is to turn the corporate event into the family party.

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Good Engineering Philosophy

  1. 01: Comfort

    The Client who placed the order for rebranding in our company must be confident of timely performance of works at the cost declared.

  2. 02: Transparence

    Trust relationship should be primarily based on the transparence of such complex processes as a procedure of rebranding calculations. To provide evidence of its status, Melston Engineering has obtained the certificate issued by the TRACE organization. This international association includes companies that can assure sufficient level of transparence in compliance with the most demanding international standards. Also, in our company an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management system is implemented, which allows a client to keep trace of cash flows and of the course of works on the project.

  3. 03: Multitasking

    Our customers do not need to do puzzle from different technological processes while seeking for contractors each time, for each work stage. To provide the customer with the turn-key project is our task and our terms of reference. If desired, the client may intervene in the course of works. The customer’s opinion will be considered at any stage, and we’ll make any alterations required.

  4. 04: Broad geography

    Broad area of presence and awareness of local contractors markets.

    Our company is developing all over Russia as well as in CIS, Serbia and Bulgaria. This enables us to assure the client that its facility will look exactly the same both in Moscow, and Belgrade. Cooperation with CJSC Melston Engineering will result in cost optimization and risk mitigation in the part of technical and organization problems, which could be caused by launching mass network reconstruction or reduction of the execution phase. Since the company has carried out its activities both on regional and foreign markets, it has become well-informed about their specific features and established a database of the most efficient contractors in each region. Cooperation with CJSC Melston Engineering shall be useful for those customers who are planning to develop new markets.

  5. 05: Responsibility

    Upon commissioning of the facility, the client must be confident that our cooperation does not stop there. We follow up the facility commissioned and provide after-sales services, if required.

  6. 06: New ideas

    We suggest the implementation of a new world philosophy «Green Growth» in the Russian business. In our work, we endeavor to apply the most innovative technologies in the area of energy supply and environmental protection. Being realized, this idea will allow not only for customer’s cost optimization, but also it will add to the company brand attractiveness amongst all target groups from governmental authorities on out to end customers.