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21 December 2016

Sharing the warmth of kind hearts

Getting presents is not as much pleasant as giving them. Presenting useful things to those who is really in need is pleasant doubly.

Remembering that the people from Melston-Service together with Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia and fire service of Novosibirsk region have gifted the New Year fairytale performance to the fosterlings of Center for social assistance to children "the Family". After the show the real Ded Moroz – the counterpart of Santa Claus in Russia – appeared on the stage with his New Year greetings and handed the presents to everyone. The feast took place on 20 of December as a part of charity event “Sharing the warmth of kind hearts”.

During the show the actors informed the kids in the play form about the basis of fire security that every child must be aware of. The kids joyfully participated the show and helped the heroes. They clapped the hands, stomped, learned how to run according to evacuation signs and studied the phone numbers of emergency services.

The presents were carefully prepared by the team of Melston Service’s Novosibirsk office. Initiated by director - Igor Korovin the campaign of collecting the gifts started inside Melston Service on 16 of December and was supported by all service department chiefs that allowed to the larger circle of our employees to share the warmth of their kind hearts.

Bounded with the kind words the fosterlings of Center received toys, candies, educational games, kits for painting, stitching and sculpting.

The charity action hasn’t finished yet and 26 of December our team will share their kindness and attention to the kids from another children's home.