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02 December 2016

We're ready to fire-fighting

The thing we can be 100% sure is the ability of employees of Melston-Service Novosibirsk office to fight relentlessly against fire of all kinds.

Less than a week ago they participated the fire-fighting professional volunteers competition and now on the 1st of December they were having an additional coaching for primary fire-technical minimum while visiting the firehouse №10.

The workers of Melston-Service could see the communication host, where the information about fires is collected, they also visited guardrooms and training class. Besides they monitored the very heart of the firehouse – the garage, where fire-fighting engines, such as AC-30 (tanker), AL-30 (autoladder), ANR (pumping hose car) as well as fire-fighting shield are located. The insrtuctors showed what the engine is equipped with and demonstrated the tools for respiratory organs individual protection which are used while fire-fighting. Later the trainees were able to try on the whole range of equipment.

The firemen gladly shared the information about their hard profession and answered the questions. They instructed our employees on how to put on the fire equipment after which the improvised competition took place.

At the very end of the excursion after being instructed on how to use the primary fire-fighting tools our team was having the practice training to extinguish the burning pan. Everyone had the opportunity to defeat the fire singly but under thorough control from deputy chief of the firehouse.

The whole collective has demonstrated the ability of confident using the fire-fighting tools – not a single ember or spark were able to escape from the keen eye, steady hand and tight stream released from the extinguisher!

Now we can surely say that the whole team of Novosibirsk office have got the real-time developed skills of fire-fighting.