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22 November 2016

All united by the fire-fighting – joined we are unbeaten

The employees of Melston-Service in Siberian Region have participated in fire-fighting professional volunteers event.

“All united by the fire-fighting – joined we are unbeaten” – these words became the motto of fire-fighting professional volunteers event “Proflash” that took place at 21st of November. The first competition happened in the day of birth of Fire-Saving Sport Federation of Novosibirsk region.

The representatives of small and medium business participated this meaningful and captivating event. About 20 top-managers of Novosibirsk enterprises including Igor Korovin - the director of Melston-Service Siberian office changed ties and business suits to fire-fighting robes and joined the volunteers tournament.

All the participants were divided into the squads that also included the young generation representatives – the members of youth fire-fighting team of Novosibirsk region. The competition had several stages: putting on the combat robes and ammunition, urgent rollout from the fire engine, suppression of fire on the pallet, evacuation of the victim from the conflagration.

The event was held on the base of Civil Defense and Fire-Fighting Center and the main action occupied the street area by the training tower. Despite frosty weather the participants successfully finished all the competition levels. The friendship has become the winner of sporting game where all the volunteers were equal, and the common aspiration to unite in the struggle against fire proves that the volunteers from the socially responsible companies of Novosibirsk are ready to solve all the necessary issues to provide fire safety.