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20 July 2015

Mountaineering at Elbrus.

The sportive team of Melston’s co-workers has achieved Elbrus - the tallest peak of Europe.

The group arrived at the airport of Mineralnye Vody at 10th of July. The next 8 days were dedicated to the exacting training as glacial climbing, proper usage of ropes and ice-axes and basis of security in mountains. According to the members, one of the most difficult training climbing was mountaineering at the top of Kurmychy which is 4045 meters high. The subjugation of Elbrus began at the 9th day of the journey. The difficulty of the mountaineering can be revealed by the fact that the achieving of the last distance from 5000 to 5642 took about 5 hours. And about that time was spent to descend back to the camp.

“Mountaineering is very difficult thing. Much more difficult that I could imagine – Andrey Balyakin said – incredibly picturesque views open from the top, but I’ll never advise to make such climbing without long preliminary training at more accessible routes.”

Expedition members:

  • Andrey Balyakin
  • Nikita Anokhin
  • Alexey Nikulin
  • Andrey Poroskun
  • Evgeniy Misenko
  • Olga Kolosova