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05 May 2014

The firt lap of Grand Slam 2014 Cup in sailing finished in the city of Hyeres (France) last weekend.

Melston team in a hard contest took the 3rd place according to the results of six races.

Good wind conditions allowed the organizers to run the necessary quantity of races to determine and exclude the worst result of the series in two days already.

The captain of the team Kirill Frolov said: “The exclusion of the worst race of ours allowed us to rise up to the third place in the tournament schedule after the second racing day. In the final day of regatta we were in tune to improve our tournament position, had a good pulsebeat and our yacht had a good speed. But the exclusive race didn’t take place due to wind weakening almost to zero.”

The first and the second places took the teams from the Great Britain Excellent and SportsBoatWorld respectively.